Football in the Bahamas

The Islands of The Bahamas continue to attract growing numbers of visitors each year, from vacationers to business travellers. The Bahamas Football Association would like to add another class of visitor to that list – footballers. With over 700 islands and cays encompassing 5,382 square miles of landmass, international airports that welcome regular flights from various ports in Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and South America, The Bahamas finds itself a perfect destination for these football visitors.

Since being elected to office in 1996, the present administration of the Bahamas Football Association has been able to effect many changes and bring about significant growth. The growth and development over the past years has seen our operations become more professional, our executives, administrators and coaches become more experienced and our teams become more competetiive. From one senior and junior male teams in the past, we now have national teams that regularly compete at U-17, U-20, U-23 and senior men, U-20 and senior women levels. And these team now COMPETE, giving as good as they get in the region.

Our initiatives in youth and girls development has seen the technical ability of the young Bahamian player improve dramatically, and they are now getting competition both locally and internationally at an earlier age. This earlier preparation has enabled a number of our young players to avail themselves of opportunities with colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, with the numbers of players being offered scholarships increasing with each passing year. Similarly, the initiatives for coaching and refereeing has seen the numbers of persons capable of teaching and officiating the beautiful game increase annually, and this will work hand in hand towards the better preparation of our players at all ages and levels. To assist us in our objective, we have established the following Missions and Values:


The Bahamas Football Association is committed to the continuous improvement in the level and standard of football in all facets of the game here in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. We will achieve this goal by creating and implementing a professional process that will govern the management and operations of football in The Bahamas and provide stability and continuity to the development work. Further, we will put ourselves in a position to predict the outcome of that work.


Our activities are governed by our values, which is the guiding principles across the whole of our organization

  1. Accountability – Operate with credibility, accountability and objectivity
  2. Urgency – Exercise urgency in everything we do
  3. Transparency – Be transparent in everything we do
  4. Respect – Respect the culture of our organization
  5. Inclusive – Be inclusive, allowing our stakeholders and partners to participate at all levels
  6. Responsive – Listen to our stakeholders and partners, understand and take action
  7. Passionate – Be passionate about everything we do, about the sport and about the role it plays in society


Underpinning our vision are the following attitudes:

  • Create a positive environment with good sporting attitudes
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Be progressive and innovative
  • Ensure that the player is the central focus in all aspects
  • Provide a service attitude and value to our stakeholders and partners
  • Be the educational leaders guiding the advancement of our sport
  • Ensure commitment to addressing equity in all aspects

It is fully recognised that there is still a long way to go to achieve the levels we desire, but with continued commitment and the active participation of the many coaches, referees, administrators and players who volunteer themselves and their time tirelessly, we will eventually achieve our goals. With this, the Bahamas Football Association will do their part to support FIFA mission to “Make The Game Better, and Take It To The World. in getting where it wants to be – competitors in our region, a country offering a good standard of football in all of the different categories, and having top class facilities.